About Greyhound Dogs

By Joanne Gawon Im

Did you know the breed Greyhound dogs when you or your family and friends sometimes bet on Greyhounds racing for fun?

Greyhounds are the Ferraris of the dog, who could run with speed up to 45 miles per hour. They are an ancient breed from the Middle East and North Africa who were loved by people for their hunting skills. They were originally hunting dogs, to hunt hare, foxes, and deer. Presently, greyhounds are racing dogs being used for gambling sports for human’s entertainment because of their fast speed.


Every year in Australia, around 20,000 Greyhounds puppies are born to race who 7,000 of the puppies who are not fast enough to race are killed. Not only the puppies who don’t make it to the track are killed but another 10,000 healthy dogs who do make it to the race are also killed just because they are too slow to win when it’s close to their time to retire. Each week, up to 200 dogs are injured from the track as well. After their retirement, those who couldn’t find their home to take them as a family after a long run also has to suffer sad lives.

There are so many other tragic consequences caused by Greyhound racing and these are just small parts of it. ‘Live Baiting’, ‘Drugging and Doping on animals’ and ‘Animal Cruelty’, all of these come after the racing.


What you could do to help?

Spread these tragic lives of Greyhound dogs to your families and friends

Ask questions if they really know “what they are betting on”

Take action by supporting us and stay updated with more stories to come!



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