The Cruel Racing

By Tiffany Zhang

Yes, it is difficult to stop animal cruelty when it is done secretly. But when it happened out and open, ending it can be just as a challenge.

A tragic case in point: Greyhound Racing – a cruel and meaningless gamble that kills and hurts thousands of Greyhound dogs every year.


Why Greyhounds?

Greyhounds are one of the fastest animals in the world who can run up to 60km per hour. However, this significant ability to run at high speed only has resulted in a disaster for them. In many countries around the world, greyhound racing is an amateur sport and is not involved with a dark pecuniary exchange, but, in Australia, it is a part of a major gambling industry worth tens of millions of dollars every year.

Who are the other victims?

Greyhound racing is quickly becoming a socially unacceptable form of entertainment.
In order to stimulate the potential of the greyhounds, some trainers use live animals to be put in front of running greyhounds for training. This practice is illegal in all states and territories in Australia, but they still happen. ‘Bait’ animals are tied to a mechanical lure and hurled at speed around the track while greyhounds are released to pursue and catch them. Live baiting may also involve pulling animals on leads/ropes and inciting dogs to catch them. the bait animals such as piglets, possums and rabbits suffer fear, pain and distress and will eventually die. The same animals may be used repeatedly, suffering a very long and painful death.

Greyhounds industry

Nowadays, Greyhound racing is only legal in eight countries: UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, USA, Vietnam, China and Mexico, and even in these localities, it’s in decline.
Bred for no other purpose than to race and win, greyhounds in Australia are literally running for their lives.

It’s time to let greyhounds know, that they have rights to be free.


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