Our Campaign – Dog Before $$$

By Joanne Im

So, in the last few posts, we talked about the issues and victims raised by Greyhound racing.

In this article, we would like to let you know why we are running this campaign, what we would love this campaign to do, who exactly we are talking to and what we are trying to do with these stories.


Why are we running the campaign – Dog Before Dollars?

Greyhound racing in NSW has been a hot issue for the last two years but nothing has changed since then. There are still so many healthy puppies and dogs being killed on the track and other animals including piglets, kittens, and rabbits used for live baiting. We realised being angry and complaining about how people are not trying to make a change would still not stop this tragic sport which is why we decided to become one who shows the care and support the animal welfare.

We are talking to you! and we would love our campaign to 

raise awareness of the ugly truth of the Greyhound racing to university students as we believe the young generation of our society, is who will shape the future of the world we’ll be living in.


And finally, we are trying to spread the Greyhound’s stories as far as we could so eventually it decreases the number of people going and supporting the Greyhound racing. We believe that ourselves and you as a family and friends of someone, we are trustworthy and reliable. Please support us by liking our post, commenting your thoughts and sharing the stories you hear and see from us.



2 thoughts on “Our Campaign – Dog Before $$$

  1. It’s unbelievable that only recently this issue was covered in several media reports detailing the live baiting of animals.
    The aim is definitely to decrease their patronage at the tracks and spreading awareness about this horrible practice

    Keep it up!

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  2. I really admire your enthusiasm to raise the issue of greyhound racing and I really like the purpose of your campaign to support animal welfare. More young people must acknowledge this problem and spread the importance of stopping this tragedy to the wider society. Thank you for the post!

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