Contrary lives between companion and racing Greyhounds

By Joanne Im

The Greyhounds are friendly, intelligent and loyal dogs who are one of the breeds that have been living with the human the longest.

However, Greyhounds in the racing industry are not appreciated with those great personalities and live totally different lives to the companion Greyhounds who luckily found their forever home.

Greyhounds normally live for 10-13 years but racing greyhounds are mostly killed before their 5th birthday. 

They need at least of 20minutes every daily exercise but racing Greyhounds only get to do their daily walk on a walking machine.

They are ‘normally’ non-aggressive and they are very gentle as well but during greyhounds racing, greyhounds are dopped with drugs and steroids to become aggressive which will excite them to hunt little animals including piglets, possums, and rabbits – other victims of Greyhound racing.


This is how racing Greyhounds look like. Would you imagine them as of well-treated and loved companion dogs?

People in the Greyhounds racing industry insist that they do all the right things for these poor animals who never deserve to be treated differently to the other dogs.

In the upcoming post, we will tell you how you could help them by adoption and by giving them the love they so deserve, or also by supporting the organisations who do their best to help them.


2 thoughts on “Contrary lives between companion and racing Greyhounds

  1. The idea of victimising those innocent greyhounds with drugs and steroids is such an inhuman act which must be stopped immediately. I barely saw any kind of news regarding the issues of greyhound racing before and now I realise how a lot of people have been unaware of this such concern. Thank you for this meaningful and insightful post, Joanne.

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