Pets, No Bets! – Greyhounds as companions

By Tiffany Zhang

According to Greyhound Rescue, there are more than 1000 greyhounds are not cared properly after finishing their racing career or failing to start one.

One of the misconceptions about greyhounds is that they are aggressive dogs. In fact, greyhounds by nature are very gentle, devoted and friendly.


By now, there are two ways for adopting a greyhound. One is straight adoption that is more suitable for people who have specific requirements for the greyhound who has passed Green Collar Assessment they would like to have. The other option is foster, it is a good way to see if the greyhound is fit in your family and match the characteristics of your preferred dog.


Adoption and foster could save greyhounds from cruelty racing industry and let them behave in their nature because they should be able to love and be loved.


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Here is the relevant adoption and foster available websites:



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