Who’s supporting the Ban – The Good People!

By Tiffany Zhang

“They usually use possums…you can see claw marks in the sand…there is blood all over the track.” ——Track Manager

How could Australia allows this “abhorrent” and “outlawed” industry continue to exist? The existence of greyhounds racing industry is not going to stop the high-profile trainers from squeezing out the defenseless animals.

Some money-mad people could support this abhorrent activity but there are more right-mind people against this meaningless activity include lots of famous brands.

Don’t get mad but get on board.

屏幕快照 2018-09-26 23.34.51.png

These brands show their support of against greyhounds racing include withdrawn the support of greyhounds racing, cease the sponsorship with the dealer involved in greyhounds racing and not allow franchiser to support the greyhounds racing.

There is no way that this meaningless activity and the cruelty industry can legitimately continue to exist.

It would be highly appreciated if you can comment on our blogs and like our FB page and Instagram to give support of against greyhounds racing.


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