Why is the Racing still running?

Despite the numbers of people asking for the ban of Greyhound racing and the tragic issues on animal cruelty raised by the racing, The Greyhound racing in NSW is still running and is one of the biggest industry as well.

You might be asking “Why is it running?” “What’s so good about this, why do people fund?” “Who are those trying to stop the ban?”.


Protesters who are opposing the ban of the greyhound racing


The Greyhound Racing is one of the businesses that support the regional communities and there are thousands of jobs at risk and families involved in the business in the community.

However, the question is, is it really worth it? Is there another solution that is fair for both of the community and the dogs who also deserved to be living the life that they want rather than having them as innocent victims for dollars?

What we suggest as a supporter of animal welfare, is that the government providing a job or regulating stronger restrictions on a better treatment of the greyhounds and a higher quality of their life.

To have your say and to learn more about the ugly facts of the racing, click onto the link below and take your action.


Such a small action we take could bring a warmer life to hundreds of greyhounds.



3 thoughts on “Why is the Racing still running?

    1. Actually, you have got one thing wrong. It is not one of the most successful businesses. It is a business in decline and survives only because the govt keeps propping it up.

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