What can we do to stop the tragedy?

By Tiffany Zhang

So far, I assume that we have achieved agreement that the greyhounds racing should be banned forever! The greyhounds should be loved not for money-making. If you want to have an insight of the cruelty facts behind the industry or contribute to support the prohibition of greyhounds racing, join us to do something and save more racing greyhounds.



Greyhounds are kind, gentle and smart, who are a good choice for being family member.




It is difficult to ask for help and financial assistance in animal welfare. However, every cent is to honour their lives as worthwhile.




Share your idea or story on our FB or website, we are happy to see companion greyhounds around instead of racing greyhounds. Our campaign aims to raise awareness of the cruelty facts of greyhounds racing industry and try to influence the existence of  the meaningless activity in Australia.


No sale, no killing.



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