Uproarious weeks of cruel Racing – the Everest & a Million Dollar Chase Racing

By Joanne Im

It’s been such an uproarious week with the proposal of using the Opera house as a billboard for the Everest, and also with NSW holding a Million Dollar Chase Racing on 20th of October, the richest Greyhound racing in the world.

Why would have these been raised as such issues?

Well, the answer is fairly easy – people know the animal cruelty issues raised by those racing events.

We’ve already talked about the tragic issues greyhounds and animal victims of live baiting serve.

As a next step, we should know what actions to take to help those innocent creatures.

There has been a protest ran by the communities to stop the Everest advertisement which more than thousands of people gathered up to save Australian’s iconic Opera house.

“The idea of this event is not to cause trouble, the idea is to express displeasure, and let that displeasure be known. And for it to be seen. Collectively,” said Chris Belle who set up a Facebook page to protest.

To stop the Million Dollars Chase Racing, there is a petition currently running.


With only 20,000 left to reach 75,000, it’s not too late for us to fight against animal cruelty and to give a brighter future for them.

If you’d like to take your action much further, there is another protest planned on the day at Wentworth Park.


Poster created by the Pets Not Bets community of Facebook to fight against Million Dollar Chase Racing


Never forget, ‘As long as there is commercial Greyhound Racing, there will be animal cruelty.’

Think again what you are really betting on when you go for racings.




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